ACE Insurance Presentation Template App

ACE Insurance approached us to create a desktop interactive presentation for their Accident & Health insurance services. They needed an application that can present updated statistics and case studies.

Our challenge was to develop 2 applications. For the user, an xml-driven Flash application which can display dynamic data and user-defined styles. And for the presenter, an editing application that can add, modify and delete pages/statistics/case studies. This editor then generates the xml files needed for the user end.

Both applications were developed in Flash (by Jon-erik Andreassen), with the presenter application shelled in Visual Basic.

ACE Insurance Presentation Template Intro

Intro animation presenting the pillars of the brand.

ACE Insurance Presentation Template homescreen

Presentation template LV1 page with a dynamic menu based on XML.

ACE Insurance Presentation Template LV2 page

LV2 page example with editable fields.