AMPed 2.0

AMPed 2.0 is a music discovery app designed for the mobile and supported by SingTel’s growing music library of 3 million songs. The idea of ‘infinite music discovery’ was created for the trend of people moving towards social music sites and advocating intelligent playlists.

Similar to other competitors like Spotify and Deezer, it was a creative platform that incorporated social connectivity with AI that recommended songs and playlists based on your personal preferences. Users were able to stream or download music for offline use depending on their subscription plan.

AMPed 1 was an existing music player mobile app that was losing ground with its audience who were moving to other services with more diverse features. We needed to reinvigorate interest in the application not only through a new look and feel but excite our audience again with a revised feature set. AMPed 2.0 not only regained the ground it had lost with the previous version but significantly increased the overall user base. SingTel continue to supply AMPed as their primary music mobile application.

AMPed 2.0 UI sheet