Bewitch With Lux campaign – FB app

Bewitch With LUX FB app was a 6-week Facebook app campaign by LUX designed for users to post ‘activation’ messages to each other. These messages are represented by digital ‘Charms’ or illustrated badges.

Campaign case study


We chose Facebook as the platform to reach out to LUX’s 5 million FB followers. In the app, users simply pick a Charm with a message attached to it, modifies it using the personalities of the ‘exotic ingredients’ in the product and share it with their friends on FB or Twitter. Interaction was based on the familiar social post behaviour, which made the app easy to adopt and use.

Bewitch with Lux campaign - FB app Landing page

Landing page with a focus on the only call-to-action, “Start sending charms”.

Bewitch with Lux campaign - FB app

The charm selection page. Activation message changes when a different ‘Charm’ is selected.

Bewitch with Lux campaign - FB app

Ingredients found in the product are used as message modifiers of the ‘Charms’.

Bewitch with Lux campaign - FB app

Activation message after modification and ready for sharing.

Bewitch with Lux FB app - Social Sharing

Confirmation and user summary details with an option to share on Twitter.

Bewitch with Lux campaign - FB app

A leaderboard featuring the top ‘Charmers’.


As the lighting and shadows were big in the designs, which meant lots of transparency, lesser grids and higher file sizes, it was necessary to ensure that the optimized product closely matched the visual mockups. A ‘design to development’ guide was created to minimize assumptions and effort made by developers and to reduce development time.

Bewitch with Lux FB app - Design Development Guide

Design-to-development guide

This resulted in this shaved off 2 weeks of development time, brought UAT forward with zero-defects and became a standard of delivery for the processes.