SingTel myBusiness Corporate Identity

SingTel myBusiness is an online portal that is focused on helping Small and Medium Enterprises (SMEs) in Singapore by simplifying their adoption process of information and communications technology. It serves as an online resource of business, innovation and technology news within the community, Software-as-a-Service apps, and aggregated opportunities like grants and assistance schemes.

I was brought in to unify their brand assets and create a consistent corporate communication across their portal, digital ads and traditional collaterals. This project required a great amount of research and interviews as different ‘pillars’ of the brand were owned by various departments, resulting in a non-unified tone of voice, imagery and content groupings in their communication materials. Furthermore, there was no guidelines besides the parent company’s brand guidelines, resulting in an almost free-for-all art and tone direction, which was confusing and caused this business entity to be perceived with different personalities.

  • SingTel myBusiness Corporate Identity
  • SingTel myBusiness Corporate Identity

Approach & Challenges

The guide was grouped into 3 main parts. The Brand, Design Principles and Application, and Digital and Traditional Assets. Writing about the Brand was uncomplicated, as this wasn’t a new brand so the section can be derived and revised from previous manifestos. Design principles( ie. typography, iconography and ilustration, photography and videography) were pretty straightforward, as they relied heavily on stakeholders agreeing on the application of each discipline. Examples of Do’s & Don’ts were conceived after the consensus.

  • SingTel myBusiness Corporate Identity
    Sections made simple and easy to understand with examples of Do’s & Dont’s.
  • SingTel myBusiness Corporate Identity
    As 1-C icons were used to represent the Pillars of the brand, and sections of the site, an additive approach was employed for iconography rules.
  • SingTel myBusiness Corporate Identity
    General reference for typography used in all mediums. More in-depth explanation in other reespective sections.

Initially, the pillars/services of the site were represented by different colours.

SingTel myBusiness Old Navigation Bar

Since there was a possibility of adding or removing these pillars in the future and there isn’t a definitive roadmap, this was not a sustainable solution. Instead, the pillars’ association to colours were removed. A new palette was designed, keeping in mind the stakeholders’ requests for loud and vibrant colours that complements the parent brand colour and the gradient commonly used in their flagship stores.

The challenge here was coming up with colour guidelines that can be consistent and easy to follow while keeping the flexibility of using a wide array of vibrant colours. Indigo and Cranberry were the 2 colours kept after posterizing the gradient, which served as the base for building the palette. The 2 palette options and its rules mentioned below were the final 2 choices taken into consideration.


SingTel myBusiness CI Colour Palette Option A

The top 2 colours are compulsory. Addtional/accent colours chosen on the wheel need to be adjacent and sequential.


SingTel myBusiness CI Colour Palette Option B

The top 2 colours are compulsory. The top 2 colours are compulsory. Additional/accent colours chosen on the wheel need not be adjacent or sequential.


This palette allowed the brand to stand out while having lots of opportunities to create something wild.

  • SingTel myBusiness Corporate Identity
    Application example of palette Option B on illustrations.
  • SingTel myBusiness Corporate Identity
    Some experiments on colour permutations tested for brand tone.

SingTel myBusiness CIUsage matrices were used in workshops to assist stakeholders in acknowledging inconsistencies and identifying, in this example, logo variants, it’s subsets and their usages.


Website components
Most of the effort and time in this project’s timeline was spent identifying all UI patterns used. While documenting existing patterns of the current site, issues like duplication of functionalities and inconsistent UIs resulted in an unanticipated but necessary revision of content templates and UIs.

  • SingTel myBusiness Corporate Identity
    Pages from the Website Components section.
  • SingTel myBusiness Corporate Identity
    Wireframe ideas for the home page.
  • SingTel myBusiness Corporate Identity
    UI sheet in psd with some LV1 & LV2 templates.

When this project ended, implementation of this corporate identity and the digital assets was put on hold due to internal alignment of affected departments. Perhaps unfortunate, but fulfilling to have started the conversation.