Bluescope Lysaght Works

Bluescope Lysaght

Bluescope Lysaght specializes in the supply, roll forming and installation of premium steel building products and solutions like roofing, walling and structural goods for buildings and other infrastructures. Its brand is synonymous with architects and construction leaders around the world.

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Thermos Website Works

Thermos Singapore

Thermos is the leading global manufacturer of insulated food and beverage containers, whose innovative products seek to provide a more comfortable and enjoyable eating experience for people on the go. Currently, there isn’t a strong differentiation from its competitors and the brand name has become so synonymous with vacuum flasks (eg. Hoover for vacuum, Jeep for offroad 4x4s) that there was an opportunity to use meaningful content to support its brand name and reach out to more customers. 

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SingTel myBusiness Corporate Identity Works

SingTel myBusiness Corporate Identity

SingTel myBusiness Corporate IdentitySingTel myBusiness is an online portal that is focused on helping Small and Medium Enterprises (SMEs) in Singapore by simplifying their adoption process of information and communications technology. It serves as an online resource for business, innovation, and technology news within the community, Software-as-a-Service apps, and aggregated opportunities like grants and assistance schemes.

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