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Thermos is the leading global manufacturer of insulated food and beverage containers, whose innovative products seek to provide a more comfortable and enjoyable eating experience for people on the go. Currently, there isn’t a strong differentiation from its competitors and the brand name has become so synonymous with vacuum flasks (eg. Hoover for vacuum, Jeep for offroad 4x4s) that there was an opportunity to use meaningful content to support its brand name and reach out to more customers. 

Various screens from the website (UI design by Bibin Matthew).



Balanced lifestyle stories and healthy recipes were the 2 main topics identified for valuable and shareable content, which are also aligned to the brand and social media strategy. This is followed by products, brand profile and secondary content like events and store locators.

Thermos Website - Primary Content
Primary Content – Thermos Stories and Recipes

In order to minimise duplicated effort, 8 templates (1xLV0, 4xLV1, 3xLV2) were designed to present all the content of the website.

Thermos Website - Wireframe LV 0
Template wireframe for Homepage (LV0)
Thermos Website - Wireframe LV 1
Templates’ wireframe for LV1
Thermos Website - Wireframe LV 2
Templates’ wireframes for LV2

Due to the range of content, the search bar is placed right at the top and center to encourage users to search. Since Thermos’s tagline is “What’s In Your Thermos today?”, it was also used as the text in the search box to keep it top of mind and enhance the website’s personality.

Thermos Website - Search bar
Brand tagline incorporated into the global search bar.

Crosslinks were inserted in recipes, products and stories to extend user engagement.

Thermos Website - Cross links
Cross-links between Thermos Stories, Products, and Recipes.


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